MALA Online Education for Libraries - Individual Viewings

The Mid-America Library Alliance offers webcasts for individuals and to groups for staff meetings or staff development days.

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Red Arrow  911: Library Disaster Planning: Pat Wagner for Your Community: Pat Wagner (50:20)

Red Arrow  Breathe Life Into Your Data: Pat Wagner (30:21)

Red Arrow  Designing a Roadmap to Staff Accountability: Pat Wagner (30:22)

Red Arrow  Effective Library Board Governance: Pat Wagner (59:32)

Red Arrow  How to Change the Dynamics in the Workplace Culture: Pat Wagner (58:18)

Red Arrow  The Impact of Personality Styles at Work: Tiffany Hentschel (43:22)

Red Arrow  Library Public Relations on a Frazzled Shoestring: Pat Wagner (30:33)

Red Arrow  Meeting Deadlines When Staff and Resources are Cut: Pat Wagner (59:09)

Red Arrow  Motivate & Energize Your Library Workforce:   Tiffany Hentschel

Red Arrow  Motivational Techniques to Boost Performance: Pat Wagner (30:19)

Red Arrow  Navigating Ethical Practices in Your Library: Pat Wagner (30:20)

Red Arrow Negative Nellies: Vicky Baker (46:51)

Red Arrow   Preparing for Your Next Library Job Interview: Tiffany Hentschel

Red Arrow  Quick, Cheap and Decent Strategic Planning for the Library: Pat Wagner (59:48)

Red Arrow  Striking a Balance: Finessing Your Supervisory Skills: Pat Wagner (1:00:04)

Red Arrow  Transitioning from Buddy to Boss - Tiffany Hentschel (31:00)

New When it is Time to Discipline or Terminate - Pat Wagner (1:11:25)

New How to Conduct a Workplace Probationary Period - Pat Wagner (1:01:34)

New Importance of Library Staff Trial Periods - Tiffany Hentschel (17:55)

New Incentivize Your Library Staff - Tiffany Hentschel (17:02)

New Job Burnout in the Library - Tiffany Hentschel (16:32)

New  Tackle Poor Performance Issues in the Library - Tiffany Hentschel (18:39)

New  Performance Evaluations that Work - Pat Wagner (1:01:48)

New Personnel Policy Manuals for Libraries - Tiffany Hentschel (33:14)

New Identifying Behaviors that Burden People and Budgets in the Library - Pat Wagner (1:00:02)

New  S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Your Library (17:52)