MALA Online Education for Libraries - Individual Viewings

The Mid-America Library Alliance offers webcasts for individuals and to groups for staff meetings or staff development days.

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Library Programs and Trends

Red Arrow  After the Internet and E-books: The Future of the Information Society: Pat Wagner (59:44)

Red Arrow  Critical Evaluation of Book Reviews: Pat Wagner

Red Arrow  Engaging Library Outreach to Underserved Communities: Pat Wagner (1:00:06)

Red Arrow  Evolving Public Libraries for the 21st Century and Beyond: Pat Wagner (1:00:06)

Red Arrow  Making a Stunning First Impression: Library Curb & Counter Appeal: Pat Wagner (1:00:40)

Red Arrow  Social Media: Pros and Cons: Pat Wagner (59:25)

Red Arrow  Storytime Elements:  Lisa Campbell (16:12)

NewSeasonal Writing Programs for Your Library:  Brian McCann (30:28)

Red Arrow  TAG, You're It! Teen Advisory Groups in Your Library: Erin Davies (25:35)

NewMarketing as if Your Library Depends On It!:  Pat Wagner (1:01:48)