Basic Service Address Label Maker


Select FROM address:

Select TO address(es):

Label size:
3x5 (up to 4 labels)

Single label or full page:
single label
full sheet


Select your institution name in the first box, the "FROM" column.

Select as many destination names as you wish in the second box, the "TO" column.
You may select more than one name at a time in the "TO" column by holding down the CONTROL key on a PC or the COMMAND key on a Mac.

Select the target paper size for your labels:
— 3" x 5" will fit in the windows of the nylon mailing bags (up to 4 will print on a page)

Select "single label" or "full sheet" ("full sheet" will cycle through your selection of "TO" choices until a sheet is filled)


A window should appear asking you to either open the file of labels or save it to your system.

Put the correct label, card stock or paper in your printer and use your print function to print out the labels.

*  For COKAMO materials, please visit the COKAMO Tools Web Page for specific packaging instructions.