FY 2017 MALA Council and Officers

Mary Beth Revels, President
St. Joseph Public Library
Vickie Lewis, Secretary
North Kansas City Public Library
Jennifer Mahnken, 1st Vice President
Johnson County Library
Lyndsay Warner
OP MLS Emporia
David Hanson, Treasurer
Kansas City KS Public Library
Cindy Thompson
University of Missouri Kansas City Library
Susan Wray, 2nd Vice President
Mid-Continent Public Library
Mark Daganaar
Johnson County Community College Library
Jackie Hershewe
St. Theresa's Academy Library
Karen Hicklin
Trails Regional Library
Christie Kessler
Cass County Public Library
Tom Sullivan
Kansas City Missouri School District
Simone Briand
Cleveland Chiropractic
Joyce Sickel
Shook, Hardy & Bacon Library
Joel Jones
Kansas City Public Library
Michelle Lahey
Linda Hall Library


MALA Council Meeting Dates

February 2, 2017    2:00 PM - Mid-Continent Public Library Administrative Center

May 4, 2017  2:00 pm - Mid-Continent Public Library Administrative Center

MALA Officers Meeting Dates

January 3, 2017    8:30    Corner Cafe, Liberty, MO

February 2, 2017    1:00 PM    Susan Wray's Office

March 3, 2017    1:00 PM    Cafe Verona, Independence, MO

April 4, 2107  8:30 AM  Corner Cafe, Liberty, MO

May 4, 2017  1:00 PM - Susan Wray's Office

MALA Annual Meeting Dates

May 4, 2107 2:00 PM - Mid-Continent Public Library Administrative Center